Lion and hare story

This is one of the cycle stories from India in which the weaker animal gets the better of the stronger one through wit. The tales were originally in Sanskrit. Here you can read the tale and listen to an mp3 of it. Listen to The Lion and the Hare mp3. NCE upon a time there was a Lion, who used daily to devour one of the beasts of the forest. They had to come up one after another, when called for. He lingered and he dallied, and when at last he plucked up courage to come, he was very late. The Lion, when he saw the Hare coming, bounded towards him.

The Hare said. But really it is not my fault. There is another Lion in our part of the jungle, and he says that he is master, and you are nobody.

In fact, when I showed him that I positively would come to you he was very angry. Show him to me. They went a long way, until they came to a well. The Hare looked down into the well. The Lion looked in, and at the bottom he saw what looked like a Lion in the water. He shook his mane — the other Lion shook his mane. He roared — the echo of a roar came up from the bottom of the well.

In he jumped-splash! Nothing more was ever heard of that Lion, and the beasts of the forest were glad to be left in peace.

lion and hare story

They put their heads together, and composed a verse of poetry, which is always sung in that forest on Sundays:. Through folly the lion met his end: Can even a hare destroy a lion? I believe the verse above is in Sanskrit or Hindi — if anyone can confirm this please email me.

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The lion and the hare

You can hear another version of this on YouTube. Collected by W. And Retold by W. Drouse with no changes to the basic tale. Illustrated by W. You can also read the tale of The Lion and the Hare in Sanskrit with other stories from the Panchatantra. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

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A lion was getting fed up of hunting. He called all animals and passed an order, "Everyday one of you should come by yourself as my prey".

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All animals started to obey this order. It was the hare's day. The hare was very sad. As he was going to the lion's den, he came across an old well. He looked into it. It was very deep and dangerous.

He made a plan to his mind. The lion was very angry that no animal had come that day. The hare slowly came towards the lion. The lion roared "Why are you late? I got away with much difficulty to give my life to you, Your Majesty".

The lion was pleased with the hare. But the thought of another lion in the jungle made him angry. The lion roared "Do you know where he lives? Please come with me". The hare took the lion to the old well. He said "Sir, that lion lives in this well". The lion peeped into the well. He mistook his reflection for another lion. He roared and there was an echo. He thought that the other lion was roaring too and jumped into the well.English for Students.

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He would kill any animal which came in his way just for fun. All the animals in the forest were worried about their survival. So they all joined together and went to meet the lion. So we beg you to stop this unreasonable killing and we promise that one of us will come to you everyday for your food," pleaded all the animals with the lion. So from that day, the animals drew lots to decide on who was to go to the lion as his prey.

One day, the lots fell on the hare to visit the lion. All the animals consoled him and sent him on his way to meet his doom. But the hare was a clever animal. He did not want to die at the hands of the cruel lion.

He saw an old well on the way. It was very deep and was a danger for all the animals. He thought of a plan.

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The little hare went to sleep near the well all day. In the evening, he made his way to the lion's den. The lion was terribly hungry by then and when he saw a tiny hare coming towards him, he became furious.

How dare they send such a small animal? I will kill them all," the angry lion roared. There were three other hares with me. But on the way here, another lion attacked us. I just managed to escape.

The Lion and The Hare

The other three hares were eaten by that lion,"said the hare. Another lion in my jungle? Take me to him immediately," said the lion in a fit of rage. The hare took the lion to the well and pointed it out to him from a distance.There lived a lion by the name of Bhasuraka, in a dense jungle.

He was very powerful, cruel and arrogant. He used to kill the animals of the jungle unnecessarily. He even killed the human beings, who travelled through the jungle.

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This became a cause of worry for all the animals. They discussed this problem among themselves and ultimately came upon a decision to hold a meeting with the lion and make an amicable settlement with him and put an end to this ongoing trauma.

So, one day, all the animals of the jungle assembled under a big tree. They also invited king lion to attend the- meeting. In the meeting the animals said to king lion, "Your Majesty, we are happy that you are our king. We are all-the-more happy that you are presiding over the meeting. They had to muster enough courage to broach the topic. But, killing more than what is required is a positive vice and unnecessary. If you go on killing the animals without any purpose, soon a day will come, when there will be no animals left in the jungle.

We have decided to send one animal a day to your den. You can kill and eat it. This will save you from the trouble of hunting and you will not have to kill a number of animals unnecessarily for your meals. The animals agreed to this proposal.

Everyday one animal walked into the lion's den to become his feast. The lion too was very happy to have his food right before him. He stopped hunting for his prey.It was noon. The sun was overhead. It was meal time. The lion king was hungry, but there was no sight of food. It had never happened before. As the sun came overhead, an animal would approach the Lion king and offer itself as food. There was a time, the lion would go out hunting and kill whichever animal he could catch.

The animals requested the lion not to wipe them out.

lion and hare story

They offered to send one animal every day at noon as meal to the king. The lion king agreed, and since then he had stopped hunting. His meal arrived at his cave every day at noon. But not this day. The lion was getting impatient. His stomach was growling. He was getting angry too. I would have reached here on time.

But I told him that I was already on my way to meet you. The lion laughed at me. His words, my Lord, not mine! He spared my life so that I could deliver his message to you. He says he is the new King of the jungle. He is strong, and he lives in a fortress. No one in this jungle can challenge me and live.

Just lead me to this fake king of the jungle. The hare took the lion to the other end of the jungle. A stone well stood in a clearing. The lion climbed the wall of the well and looked down. He gave a huge roar. The roar echoed in the walls of the well and sounded even louder. The lion turned to the hare.

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lion and hare story

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‘The Lion And The Hare’ Story For Your Kids

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lion and hare story

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